Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Open AI Calling Function
AI Chatbots Get Supercharged: Function Calls Open Up a World of Automating Tasks Across Platforms
Revolutionize your productivity with AI chatbots! With the ability to make function calls, these chatbots can automate tasks across platforms, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time. Don't let manual tasks hold you back - supercharge your work with AI chatbots today.
Please check out our videos: Build Your Own AI Chatbot with Whautomate and Appointment Booking AI Chatbot Demo. 👇
Build your own AI Chatbot on WhatsApp using Whautomate that performs tasks across platforms
Goodbye to scheduling headaches: Automate Appointment Booking with AI on WhatsApp, Instagram & More!
Whautomate Rest API 2
Enhanced Whautomate API: Introducing New Endpoints for Seamless Integration
Discover the expanded capabilities of Whautomate with our latest API enhancements. We're excited to announce additional endpoints now available, including Segments, Broadcasts, Messages, Services, Service Categories, Appointments, and Classes. This update opens up a range of possibilities for integrating Whautomate's features into your applications, allowing for more comprehensive automation and management of your business operations. Dive into the details of these new API endpoints and leverage Whautomate's power to streamline and optimize your workflows.
Webhooks Appointment and More
Whautomate Enhances Webhook Events: Introducing Appointments, Classes, and Invoices
Experience Seamless Integration with Whautomate's Enhanced Webhook Events: Introducing Appointments, Classes, and Invoices. Connect with Any App for Seamless Integration. Streamlining Your Workflow Like Never Before!
Automations and Forms Folder
Simplify Your Workflow: Organize Your Automations & Forms with Folders
Introducing the latest feature from Whautomate - Folders for Automation and Forms. With this new folder feature, you can easily manage your automation rules and forms by creating folders and keeping them organized. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined efficiency with Whautomate's Folders feature.
Appointment and Invoice Reports
Export Your Appointments and Invoices Reports as Excel with Whautomate's Latest Update!
Whautomate's latest update lets you easily export your appointments and invoices reports as Excel files! With this new feature, you can organize your data and analyze it in the way that works best for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your workflow and make your business more efficient. Try it out today!
Webhooks New 2
Connect Whautomate with Any App: Powerful New Webhooks Feature with Customizable Payloads
Connect Whautomate with Any App: Take advantage of the powerful new Webhooks feature, which allows you to create custom payloads for seamless integration with a wide range of applications. Expand your automation capabilities with Whautomate Webhooks today!
Form PDF Editor
Whautomate Form Template Editor: Edit and Customize Your Form Responses PDF
Create professional and customized PDF form responses using the Whautomate Form Template Editor. Edit and tailor your forms to meet your specific needs and requirements, resulting in streamlined and efficient workflows. Try it out today!
Default Communication Templates
Maximize Flexibility: Customize Default Messages for Invoices and Forms with Whautomate's Latest Update!
With Whautomate's latest update, you can now tailor default messages for invoices and forms, allowing you to personalize communications across various channels such as WhatsApp, email, and SMS.
Reply Message
Reply to Specific Messages in Whautomate: New Update Enhances Communication
Responding to specific messages in Whautomate is now even easier with our latest update! Enhance your communication and streamline your interactions with the new features.
Audio Message New
All-in-One Audio Messaging: Automate & Streamline Across All Channels
Whautomate has introduced a new feature that allows users to send and receive audio messages across all channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Telegram. This feature is available on both the Whautomate Web and Mobile app.
Audio Message 3
Our automation lets you use recorded audio messages instead of text responses when someone asks a question. You can set up automations to automatically send audio messages across all channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Telegram. Give it a try today!
CSAT Survey
Boost Your Business Success with Automated CSAT Score Collection Across All Channels!
Measure customer satisfaction with CSAT. Automate the gathering of scores from various channels, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, and Live Chat. Customize surveys to measure aspects like appointments, agents, bots, orders, and overall customer experience. Start measuring CSAT scores today!
CSAT Survey 2
View your customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and reviews based on date range, surveys, and channels. Scores are displayed in both chart and list views.
Form Improvements
Enhanced Client Experience: Introducing New Registration Fields and Prepopulation in Whautomate Forms!
Whautomate has added new client registration fields to our forms feature. Assigning the forms to clients prepopulates any details they've already provided, saving you and your clients valuable time. Upgrade your registration process now with Whautomate.
Whautomate Forms Help Documentation -
Quick Replies
Smart Messaging: Multi-Button Quick Replies on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger!
Whautomate's messaging automation feature allows you to easily and conveniently send messages with up to 13 quick reply buttons to your Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger contacts. This can be done based on the conditions and triggers you have set up in the rule. Try Whautomate today to simplify your messaging automation!
Zoom Integration New
Easily schedule and join virtual meetings for client appointments with Zoom integration in Whautomate.
Schedule virtual appointments with ease using Whautomate's Zoom integration. Join and manage meetings directly from within Whautomate, and stay connected with clients from anywhere. Boost your productivity and streamline your workflow. Try it today!
All-in-One Reporting: Track your business Performance
Sales & Payments
Gain Business Insights: Powerful Sales & Payments Reporting with Filters
Unlock valuable business insights with our advanced sales and payments reporting system that comes with powerful filtering options. Gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Try it out today!
Appointments Reports
Gain Appointment Insights: Filter by Date, Staff, More, & Analyze Revenue
Customize appointment reports with filters for service, status, staff, and date range. View specific staff members and get a breakdown of total appointments, hours, and revenue. Save time and make informed decisions for your business.
Invoices Reports
Generate the Invoice Report You Need: Filter by Date, Staff, Paid & Unpaid Invoices and More!
Get the Invoice Report You Want: Easily Sort by Date, Staff, Paid & Unpaid Invoices, and More! Please make the most of your time and stay organized with our efficient invoice reporting system.
Communications Reports
Communication Report: Analyze New Contacts, Messages Sent & Received by Staff & Bot, by Date & Channel
Maximize team efficiency and productivity with our advanced Communication Report. Quickly analyze your new contacts, and messages sent and received by both your staff and bot, categorized by date and channel. Streamline your communication strategy and stay ahead of the game with our powerful tool.
Mobile app 1
Whautomate Mobile App 1.4.0: New Features & Improvements
  • Double-Lock Your Chats 🔒:
    2FA for added security.
  • Quick Replies 🚀:
    Use Canned Responses to save time.
  • More Filters 🌈:
    Find chats faster and have fun doing it.
  • Smoother Swiping 👆:
    Better UX for a friendlier experience.
Broadcast - Retarget 2
📣 New! Retarget Broadcast Recipients Based on Engagement
Introducing our latest feature! Now you can retarget your broadcast recipients based on their engagement levels. Whether they've simply received your message, opened it, read it, or even replied, you can target them accordingly. Try it out today and take your communication strategy to the next level!
Broadcast - Retarget
💬 Whautomate Unveils New Feature: Track Broadcast Reply Rates and Messages
New from Whautomate: track broadcast reply rates and messages to improve your campaign performance. Optimize your messaging and drive better results - try it out today!
2 Factor Authentication
🔒 Two-Factor Authentication is Here: Secure Your Whautomate Account in Seconds
Protecting your accounts has never been more important, and Whautomate understands that. That's why we have recently introduced a new security feature - 2-factor authentication - to further enhance the security of your accounts.
Open & Unassigned
🔄 New! Run Automation on Open & Unassigned Chats (All Channels, Incoming & Outgoing)
Introducing our latest feature! Now you can easily run automation on open and unassigned chats across all channels, both incoming and outgoing. Try it now and streamline your workflow like never before.
Forms Improvements
We are excited to announce that we have completely revamped the forms module by adding advanced customization features to help you create forms that are tailored to your business requirements.
Here are some of the use cases to leverage our forms module into your business:
🚀 Lead Generation:
Capture leads seamlessly via forms on websites, social media, and chats.
📊 Customer Feedback:
Gather insights effortlessly with surveys for satisfaction and preferences.
🔐 Consent Forms:
Ensure GDPR compliance and build trust with explicit consent.
📜 Legal Waivers:
Streamline event check-ins with secure digital waivers.
📅 Event Registration:
Simplify sign-ups, manage attendees, and personalize communication.
👩‍⚕️ Healthcare Intake:
Enhance patient experience with secure digital intake forms.
📈 Market Research:
Gain insights for informed business strategies.
🎓 New Member Registration:
Streamline new member sign-ups for your business.
Forms Improvements-2
Here's a glimpse of what's new:
✨ Customizable Headers:
Add descriptions, images, and videos to make your forms stand out.
🎨 Theme Settings:
Personalize your forms with color, font, and layout options.
🖼️ Flexible Content Placement:
Insert titles, images, and videos anywhere in the form.
🌐 Branding Excellence:
Upload your logo and add footer text for a professional touch.
🔠 Text Formatting:
Elevate readability with new text formatting options.
🕵️ Anonymous Forms:
Gather honest feedback with our new form type.
📚 Form Templates:
Explore predefined templates for quick form creation.
🔄 UX Improvements:
Easily manage sections and duplicate questions.
Ready to transform your forms? Log in to your Whautomate account now and experience the future of form creation!
Whautomate Forms Help Documentation -
Whautomate Contacts
Build your Sales funnel with the Contact Management feature! Turn leads into loyal Customers
Unlock the power of seamless contact management with Whautomate's innovative feature set. Harness the potential of tags and contact stages to sculpt a dynamic sales funnel tailored to your audience. From lead nurturing to fostering enduring customer loyalty, leverage targeted campaigns through automations and broadcasts. Seamlessly convert leads into devoted, long-term customers, establishing lasting connections that drive growth and success for your business.
MyFatoorah 3
Introducing New Payment Gateway Integration "MyFatoorah" for the Middle East Region.
Hey there! Guess what? Whautomate has recently introduced the MyFatoorah Payment Gateway exclusively for the Middle East! This is exciting news for all the businesses in the region who are looking for a reliable and secure payment solution. So, if you are a business owner in the Middle East, make sure to check out MyFatoorah Payment Gateway by Whautomate today!
Customer Engagement
Whautomate is excited to announce the release of its latest features:
We're thrilled to announce the launch of Whautomate's eagerly awaited Rest APIs – a gateway to seamless integration with external applications! Our V1 Rest API empowers your systems with a suite of functionalities, offering a robust foundation for streamlined customer engagement and automation.
What can you achieve with our Rest API V1? Here's a glimpse:
🤝📊 Effortless Client Management:
Seamlessly add and sync clients from external systems, segment them via tags, and trigger tailored automations effortlessly.
🔄📞 Dynamic Contact Handling:
Add and update contacts, manage custom fields, and swiftly move contacts through sales stages based on real-time events.
🎯📧 Targeted Campaigns:
Leverage customer segmentation to craft precisely targeted campaigns, ensuring your messages resonate effectively.
📢⚡️ Broadcast Triggering:
Instantly trigger broadcasts via API for swift and comprehensive outreach.
This is just the beginning – more endpoints are on the horizon! Be among the first to explore the power of our Rest API V1 and elevate your customer service, sales, and marketing strategies.
Ready to elevate your engagement game? Connect, integrate, and thrive with Whautomate's Rest API V1 today.
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